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Digital Signage Software

The Second Generation of digital signage has arrived.

Advanced features include:
Basic to Enterprise Level Options
PC, Mac, Linux Admin
Easy to Use Interface
User Rights Control
Multi-Level Scheduling
High Performance Player
Screen Zoning

Digital Signage Success starts here.

Command Digital Signage

Digital Menu Boards

Instant Updates and Daily Specials

Digital Signage is the ideal platform for Menu Board displays.

Consider updating a menu and within seconds the new prices are displayed on the screen.

Or, you have a product that needs to be moved - promote the product directly on your menu board.

Or, automatically schedule your menu board to change for Breakfast, Lunch to Dinner services without needing to lift a finger.

A digital menu board can be created with 32", 40/42", 46/47" or larger LCD displays and can be a single LCD or multi-screen system.

The content is updated from a single location and can be published immediately and prepared ahead of time.

A menu board can be located outside, at the entrance or within a restaurant or fast-food takeaway area.

A cafe screen could include digital TV as well as the menu board to provide entertainment for your customers.

Multi-site customers are supported with the management of the system from your head office.

Critical menu displays can include built-in redundancy.

Command will provide your company with a system suitable to your environment and your required outcomes.

Need more information?

For any questions about how a Command Digital Signage System would be suitable for your business or to arrange a time for an on-site or on-line demonstration, please contact us on 1300 780 204 or through our enquiry form.

Command products and solutions are also available through your local AV and IT professionals.

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Room Entry Display ExampleDigital Menu Board Features

Template Based Display Information

Easy to use interface

User Management controls

User Access levels

Manage 1 or 100 of displays

Enterprise level or Entry level

Automated menus from POS systems

Rotating image control

Supports all screen sizes

Digital Menu Board Benefits

Enter new prices at any time - don't wait on the printers or sign makers

Instant updates - change prices instantly

Automatic update of prices reduces labour costs

Ease of use - low maintenance costs

Single or multiple location administration for managed updates

Digital Menu Board 1 - Digidynamic Digital Menu Board 2 Digital Menu Board 3 Digital Menu Board 4 Digital Menu Board 5 Digital Menu Board 6 Digital Menu Board 7 Digital Menu Board 8 Digital Menu Board 9 Digital Menu Board 10 Digital Menu Board 11 Digital Menu Board 12 Digital Menu Board 13 Digital Menu Board 14 Digital Menu Board 15 Digital Menu Board 16 Digital Menu Board 17 Digital Menu Board 18 Digital Menu Board 19 Digital Menu Board 20