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Advanced features include:
Basic to Enterprise Level Options
PC, Mac, Linux Admin
Easy to Use Interface
User Rights Control
Multi-Level Scheduling
High Performance Player
Screen Zoning

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BlueFire MS Pro

Bluetooth marketing

BlueFire MS Pro Bluetooth marketing solution instantly adds mobile marketing capabilities to Navori digital signage and other kiosk offerings. BlueFire MS Pro comes with plug-n-play USB hardware and software that creates a mobile marketing hotspot which is affordable, maintenance free, highly efficient and secure.

BlueFire MS Pro will provide stand-alone mobile marketing functionality if digital signage is not available. Content and distribution list for stand-alone is controlled remotely via web or onsite

Delivery of ring-tones, wallpaper, movie trailers, coupons, schedules and other promotional contents to customer's mobile phones makes Navori systems equipped with BlueFire MS Pro far more superior than plain DS or kiosk.

BlueFire MS Pro can operate in Digital Signage Mode, Stand Alone Mode, Hybrid/Kiosk Mode (combination of two mode above)

BlueFire MS Pro is integrated and works with the Navori and Scala Digital Signage System.

BlueFire MS Pro's easy to use Java and Web API interfaces provide synchronization with Navori Digital Signage to distribute mobile content relative to content on LCD or Plasma screen. Kiosk operators can use BlueFire MS Pro to market revenue generating mobile contents that are delivered to the consumer right on the spot.

Java and Web API are encapsulated with BlueFire MS Pro as one package. This simplified system offers integration, into digital signage and kiosk developed in any language, in less than 10 lines of code. BlueFire MS Pro APIs can greatly minimise development time to reduce cost, increase profits and shorten time to market.

  • Benefits
  • Content Supported
  • System Requirements

BlueFire MS Pro Benefits

Get up to date information on which files were downloaded most.
Instantly add tags or serial numbers to each coupon or image content distributed to mobile device.
Non-intrusive systems. Send content to mobile devices only when they opt-in to receive it. In addition, prevent distribution to devices from list. (exclude list).
Comprehensive reporting functionality provides data for further analysis such as ROI, most active devices, most downloaded file and more.
Integrated APIs makes integration to any DS and kiosk software easy.
Use as a standalone system to distribute content such as special promotion, contact information, sale etc.
Free for customer. No airtime charges for customer receiving contents.

Supported Content

Images: jpeg, gif, png, wbmp

Video: 3gp format

Ring tones: midi, mp3

Games: Flash, Java games and applications

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements
x86 processor (Intel, AMD, VIA)
USB Bluetooth Device (included in BlueFire MS Standard Edition)
128 MB RAM
50 MB of HD Space for software
Microsoft Windows XP professional with SP2, Vista, Windows 7, Linux:2.6 kernel or later
Java 1.5 or later