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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was last updated: June 5, 2011.

Command Digital Signage is committed to providing its customers and clients with the highest possible standards of product and service. As part of that commitment we have produced the following privacy policy statement to help you better understand the privacy issues that arise as a result of the use of our website products and services.

This policy statement will address the following:
• The types of information we collect
• How we use or disclose the information we collect
• The quality and security of the information we hold
• Your access to the information we hold
• Transborder (interstate and international) data movement
• Your participation on our websites
• Links to other websites
• Our policy on children's privacy protection
• How to contact us for more information

The types of information we collect
In general, when you visit our websites you do not have to tell us who you are, or reveal any personally identifiable information to us. Unless you specifically agree to tell us, we will never know who you are, and you are able to interact with our websites in a completely anonymous way.

Personally identifiable information is defined as any specific data that could disclose you as an individual, such as your name, address, telephone number, billing and shipping information, credit card information or e-mail address.

When you visit our websites our server's automatically record basic information about your usage, such as the type of internet browser and operating system you are using, the date, time and duration of your visit and the pages you viewed. This information is anonymous and does not identify you as an individual, nor will we combine it with information that does identify you as an individual. This information is collected and analysed to provide us with a greater understanding of how you use our websites.

Where necessary we collect personally identifiable information on certain areas of our websites, for example, if you register on a forum, enter a competition or subscribe to an e-mail newsletter. The personally identifiable information collected may consist of a username or unique user ID and contact information, such as your name, email address, mailing address, telephone and fax numbers. You may have the opportunity to make purchases on our websites, in which case we would need to collect your order information, credit card details & delivery instructions in order to facilitate payment & shipment.

From time to time a pop-up window may invite you to answer survey questions and provide certain demographic information, such as your age, sex, income bracket, country of access and location of connection, (e.g. home or work). Your response to these types of surveys is entirely voluntary and you should feel no obligation to participate.

At times we may use a feature of your browser (called a "cookie") to automatically assign you a unique user ID. A cookie, by itself, cannot be used to find out your identity, it merely identifies your computer to our servers when you visit our websites. We will not combine your user ID with information that does identify you as an individual. You may, at anytime, set your browser to allow, notify you or refuse altogether the use of cookies.

How we use or disclose the information we collect
In general, the information we collect is used for our own analysis aimed at improving our products and services. We use personally identifiable information to fulfil your requests or orders for specific services or products. We may also use personally identifiable information to perform other functions including, demographic analysis of site usage (who is visiting our websites and what they are interested in), customising advertising and content seen by our users and improving our marketing and promotional efforts.

We will not intentionally disclose any personally identifiable information and we do not sell, trade or rent such information to third parties (such as advertisers or telemarketers).

Any personally identifiable information you provide will only be provided to third parties if:
- You consent to such a disclosure
- We are compelled or authorised to do so by law
- We reasonably believe there is a threat to someone's life or health
- Our website or business is sold to, or merged with another entity

The quality and security of the information we hold
Any information you provide to us is stored and held under generally accepted standards of technology and operational security in order to protect your personally identifiable information from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. Only authorised personnel are provided access to personally identifiable information and these personnel are required to treat this information as confidential. Despite these precautions, we cannot guarantee absolutely that any and all unauthorised access to your personally identifiable information will be prevented.

Your access to the information we hold
If you would like to access, correct, update or de-activate any information you have submitted, please send a request through or contact page. We will modify or de-activate any information that could be used to identify you as soon as practicable after your request, unless we are required or authorised by law not to do so. Once de-activated your data will not be accessible, however, due to system backups to magnetic tape media, your data may in some circumstances remain on these tapes.

Transborder (interstate and international) data movement
At times, personally identifiable information collected from our websites may be transferred between our offices or data storage facilities located in Australia or internationally. Our websites may be viewed and hosted anywhere in the world, including countries that may not have specific laws regulating the collection, use and transfer of personally identifiable data. By using our websites and submitting such information on it, you voluntarily consent to such transborder transfers & hosting of such information.

Your participation on our websites
By using our websites, you consent to the collection, use and storage of your information by us in the manner described in this Privacy Policy and elsewhere on our websites. We reserve the right to make changes to our Privacy Policy from time to time. We will alert you to any such changes by updating the Privacy section of our websites and encourage you to check this page from time to time.

Links to other websites
Our websites provide links to other third party websites outside our network. We have no control of these sites and do not accept any responsibility for their activities and we advise you to examine the terms and conditions of using their websites before disclosing any information to them.

Our policy on children's privacy protection
We understand the importance of protecting the privacy of children, especially in an online environment. Our websites are not intentionally designed for or directed at children, and we do not intentionally collect or maintain information about children.

How to contact us for more information
If you have any questions or comments regarding this policy, please contact us at:

1300 780 204

or you can write to us at:

Online Privacy Manager
Command Pty Ltd
PO Box 683
Richmond NSW 2753